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President:  Sonny Cook


Vice President:  Bobby Bounds


Sec.-Treas:  Pat Thomason




Dieter Becker

Pat Stacy

Troy Collier

Bob Johnson

Rick Gilbert

Tony Fox

Marvin Allbright

Kathy Allbright

Keith Aldrich

Dieter Becker

Max Bell

Bobby Bounds

Don Cain

Dell Camp

Cody Cassidy

Elvin Clayton

Troy Collier

Sonny Cook

Heather Cooley

Ron Cunning

Angelo Englehart

Tony Fox

Rick Gilbert

Billy Hopson

Buddy Huff

Scott Hunter

Bob Johnson

Gerald Mobley



Jerry O'Connor

Pat Stacey

Bobby Teague

Miles TenBroeck

Kelly Thacker

Michael Turner

Pat Thomason

Jerry Ulmer

Jeff & Jerri Webb

Gary L. Young

Membership Cost:  $60/per year for family

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